RGL&T Consultancy N.V. is an expert in assisting in applying for all types of visas, PSA documents, residence and/or Surinamese nationality in Suriname, but also visas for Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

The services provided by RGL&T Consultancy are

Visa for Suriname

Suriname has a number of visa types and or tourist card from which you can choose to travel. Depending on your purpose and destination, you or your employee(s) will be given tailor-made advice and assistance for the right type of visa. Private or business visa application form (Form to be completed).

Diaspora Suriname

If you want to return to your country of birth or your parents or grandparents, it is possible that you can request a tourist card and/or PSA document. Depending on your needs, you or your employee(s) will be given tailor-made advice and assistance. Application form PSA document (Form to be completed).

Stay in Suriname

To live and work in Suriname for a longer period of time, you will need a residence permit. Depending on the situation and purpose of you or an employee(s), you will be given tailor-made advice and assistance for the correct type of residence permit. Residence permit application form (Form to be completed).

Work permit

Some categories of immigrants who work in Suriname have to apply for a work permit. If you would like to know if you belong to this category and need further advice and guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Work permit application form (Form to be completed)

Nationality of Suriname

Surinamese nationality can be obtained in various ways. If you have resided legally in Suriname for more than 5 years, were born in Suriname or married to a Surinamese and wish to acquire Surinamese nationality, we will provide you with tailor-made assistance and advice.

Surinam nationality application form (Form to be completed).

Visa Netherlands, Belgium and France

We advise and guide Surinamese who wish to apply for a visa for the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Schengen rules are strict and it is getting more and more difficult to obtain the visa. With our help you can be sure that your application will be approved. We are specialized in obtaining Schengen visas for private or business purposes. We’ll get your visa application approved so you can focus on more enjoyable aspects of your trip.

Foreign Visa Application Form (Form to be completed):

Juridisch advies

Legal advice, guidance and mediation in:

  • rejecting an MKV, Surinamese visa, Belgian visa and Dutch visa
  • when rejecting or withdrawing a residence permit or the Surinamese nationality
  • other migration issues
  • employment contract, rental agreement, cooperation agreement and drafting of petitions and business letters
  • all other legal issues

Legal advice request form. (Form to be completed).

Relocation Services

  1. Transport to and from the JAP Airport.
  2. Information about composition and structure Suriname.
  3. Hotel, apartment, house and or other home for the duration that you will stay in Suriname.
  4. Reliable transport with or without driver in Suriname.
  5. Facilitating other family members traveling with you
  6. Safety and protection of property and goods through affiliated security companies
  7. Concluding all kinds of insurance, RGL&T is an insurance agent at PARSASCO
  8. Various tourist attractions
  9. Have your documentation file checked by our professionals to ensure that your application is approved.
  10. Hire a professional for complete support, including preparing and legalizing documents, completing and submitting applications.
  11. And all the things you need to experience a carefree private and business stay in Suriname.

Other relocation services form (Form to be completed).

RGL&T Consultancy N.V. focuses on the following people and groups

  • Immigrants and returnees who want to travel to Suriname to live and work.
  • Diaspora who want to travel to Suriname.
  • Foreigners who already reside in Suriname.
  • Foreigners whose residence or visa has been rejected.
  • Companies that pick up immigrants/foreigners or attract them locally to perform work.
  • Surinamese who want to live and work in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Furthermore, anyone who needs legal advice in the field of Migration, Persons and family law and employment law, etc..

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