How do you reach us?

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Call/ WhatsApp

00 597 8688011


Contact information services in Suriname and their websites:

Consular Affairs

Ministry BIBIS

Adress: Henck Arronstraat no. 8

Phone: 473575/426517



Immigration Service

Department of Defense

Adress: Tourtonne laan no 1

Phone: 00-597-474393

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Adress: J. Lachmon straat no 170

Phone:  00 597 499239; 00 597 490812



Immigration Service

Suriname Police Force

Adress: J. Lachmonstraat no 167(locatie via google maps weergeven)

Phone: 00-597-53210

Subdirectorate Immigration Affairs

Ministry of Justice and Police

Adress: Verlengde Keizerstraat no

Phone: 597-427-197 tst 3601; 3602; 3610; 3611 en 3612



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